We know the old school model of traditional DVD stores is no longer very relevant – paying fines and having to rush to return movies isn’t very attractive anymore.....we do however have an enormous library of movies and series, far more titles than available from the online streaming services fact at last count we had 4611 unique movie titles, roughly 75% more choice than popular streaming services currently in SA.

We also have friendly, knowledgable, actual humans to help you make an informed decision and to recommend films and series based on what you actually like, rather than just a generic algorithm.

So we are happy to present our new subscription plan offerings...


Red PLan

R179 per month

for the movie buff

  • Up to 5 discs at a time
  • 2 new 'front wall' discs at a time
  • No rental fees
  • No fines


R109 per month

for the casual renter

  • Up to 2 discs at a time
  • 1 new 'front wall' disc at a time
  • No rental fees
  • No fines


How Can I Pay?

You can pay using a debit or credit card through Payfast. The first month is billed pro rata, thereafter you will be billed at the beginning of each month on the payment method provided.

You can also pay in store by cash or Snapscan - please note no rentals will be allowed before payment has been made.

How Do I Cancel?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by sending us a mail or you can cancel with Payfast directly. You should cancel at least 2 days before the billing date to be safe.

Please note you will then return to paying per disc at the normal rates etc

How Do I Know Whats In?

We have over 11000 discs in store, so even if the particular title you are after is not available, we will sort you out with a recommendation or 2. Our entire catalogue is available on this website, trailers and synopsis included.