Burgers MealBox for 2


This MealBox includes all the ingredients you will need for the basic recipe.

(Please note – it is assumed you have oil, salt & pepper in your pantry)

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Shallow fry the burger patty’s in a little oil for 2 minutes. Flip the patty over, layer the cheddar cheese on the patty and cover with a lid until the cheese melts.

Remove the burgers and toast the buns in the pan.

Build the burgers as you like them : )

If you add fries as an extra – bring your oven up to 220 degrees and spread the chips evenly out over a lined baking tray. Bake for 15-20 minutes until crisp and starting to turn golden.

Ingredients to build your own burger (serves 2). The following items are included (see tab for optional extras)
Ryan Boon Free Range Beef Patties
1 × 2 Free Range beef burgers
ryan-boon-graphic-logo 2 x 150g thick free range burger patties from Ryan Boon butchery. Ryan Boon is a speciality butcher based in the Western Cape and ensures all his meat is pasture-reared and sustainably sourced.  

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1 × Cheddar (230g)

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2 × Sesame Burger Roll
1 × Pickles (200g)
1 × Red Onion (each)
1 × Tomatoes each

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