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Deluxe Coffee 4WKS Capsules Refill Pack


Deluxe Coffeeworks buys the finest premium arabica coffee, sourced by their supplier from around the world. They roast and supply single origin beans and their renowned Deluxe House Blend to us at FoodBox.  In case you like the coffee at Red Sofa Cafe… it’s the same.

Pods are compatible with Nespresso® machines. The Cap is 100% compostable, with no plastic or aluminium. Made from an innovative plant-based bio-material, it’s sealed with a vegetable fibre lid, and branded with edible (cake!) ink.

When composted, the Cap breaks down in weeks but, even if it lands in landfill, it’ll break down hundreds of times faster than plastic or aluminium capsules.

Great coffee, great convenience, with the only guilt being our favourite kind: more pleasure.

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