Waggle Raw Honey Spiced (170g)


Honey, spice and everything nice. This craft honey tastes like spiced cookie dough, and coincidentally is great for baking too! Stir a spoonful into tea for a spicy afternoon treat or in iced coffee. Spice up your cheese platters, spoon over chevin goats cheese and drizzle over baked brie. Try it on banana bread or French toast with bacon and cheese or drizzle over roast carrots or parsnips once out the oven. The possibilities are endless!
Waggle honeys are all 100% raw honey, sourced from Western Cape beekeepers. This means that they have not been filtered or heated to temperatures above the natural hive temperatures, thus retaining their natural goodness. All Waggle products are creamed and only natural ingredients are added into them for flavouring.

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